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Harmony of Life Concept. Surrealist Butterfly on the Pebble Stone Stack in Garden. Metapho

Benefits Of Holistic Psychotherapy

  • Increased sense of joy and contentment

  • Greater sense of peace

  • Better sleep

  • More present-moment awareness

  • Capacity to enjoy more self-compassion and self-love

  • Repaired and enhanced relationships

  • Improved functioning at work

  • Greater sense of connection to self and others

  • Increased activity and fun

  • Reduced social isolation

  • Reduction in stress

  • Healthier boundaries

  • Improved self-care practices

  • Learn healthy coping skills

  • Resolution of past traumas

  • Reduction in unskillful behaviors such as substance misuse, self-injury, recklessness or high risk behaviors etc. 

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