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There are several well researched benefits that come from an effective wellness program.  In an article published in the Harvard Business Review, the author noted that wellness programs can have a significant financial impact, reporting that companies can receive $2.71 returned for every dollar spent. This savings come from reduced health insurance costs and fewer sick days due to happier and healthier employees.  But there is more.  Below are benefits for leadership and employees.


Employer/Leadership Benefits

· A more vibrant workforce
· Decreased absenteeism
· Increased morale
· Team strengthening
· Staff appreciation
· Enhanced customer service
· Increased loyalty
· Enhanced company profile
· Improved performance
· Attract the best employees
· Increased financial performance
· Employees are incentivized
· Retention of excellent staff
· Attract quality investors
· Increased sales
· Contributes in inspiring staff happiness
· Creates a robust future for the company
· Setting high standards for employees to follow
· Industry pioneer


Employee Benefits

· Physical and mental stress relief
· Improvement in problem solving abilities
· Enhanced creativity
· Increased camaraderie and team dynamics
· Job satisfaction, meaning and accomplishment
· Mental clarity
· Enhanced motivation
· Increased productivity
· Positive attitude
· More revitalized
· Dynamism
· Improved focus
· Increased enthusiasm and effectiveness
· Staff responsible for their own health
· Ability to create a life-work synergy
· Healthy corporate ambassadors
· Practical application of workplace ethics